Commtouch (CTCHC) has begun a new technological cooperation with ComTV, one of China's leading email and instant messaging service providers. The company is developing customized solutions particularly suited to block Chinese spam.

China's email capacity is growing at a fast rate, with analysts predicting that China will have 100 million new users by 2008. Yet despite this accelerated growth, China has not been able to match the anti-spam protection levels enjoyed in western countries.

"China is thirsty for a truly effective anti-spam solution," says Wei Xiao, ComTV's COO. "China needs the same spam protection that other countries enjoy, and Commtouch RPD is the only Technology capable of delivering this. So far, only Commtouch's RPD technology has been proven capable of overcoming the challenges inherent in Chinese messaging."

The company says that due to a number of factors, including encoding, distribution methods, foiling techniques, and geography, unsolicited bulk email acts differently in China than in the rest of the world. Commtouch says its software overcomes the double-byte encoding issue that it says has plagued other anti-spam solutions; and its language-independent, content-agnostic anti-spam technology is as effective in China as in the rest of the world. In addition, the technological alliance with ComTV has helped Commtouch improve its anti-spam performance in the Chinese environment.


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