In cooperation with CCW Research, IBM (IBM) Global Technology Services has released a white book called "Chinese IT Development Trend White Book" which analyzes in detail the history of Chinese enterprises' IT development as well as their development trend in the future.

The White Book shows that China's technology world has entered a period of amalgamation, which is reflected in three aspects: informationization and industrialization are increasingly synchronized; services are increasingly going digital; and the sustainable development strategy of informationization in China is pushing the sector to go "green".

In the meantime, the White Book reveals the ten major challenges faced by chief information officers in China: a CIO's core challenge is shifting from basic construction to IT management; the biggest challenge for a CIO is IP service management; disaster recovery is a common challenge for all industries, though its extent varies among industries; energy consumption has not been paid enough attention to by China's CIO groups; server optimization and maintenance has become increasingly important; IP adaptability must be increased with service flow becoming increasingly complicated; there is strong demand for a new round of IT strategy planning in the face of a new development environment; service production has been widely accepted, but not taken seriously; users hope to solve problems related to IT investment protection through the standardization of technology platforms; Chinese CIO's knowledge on informationziation is still limited.

Wu Weiming, marketing and planning director of IBM GTS Greater China, says that the new White Book has pointed out areas that China's CIOs should work on in the next step, while the China CIO Survey released earlier draws a clear map for the careers of CIOs in China.


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