Mobile phone giant Nokia has signed an agreement with China Talent Group. Nokia will provide jobs to 500 migrant workers in China after they receive professional training at CTG.

Under the agreement, Anhui Liuan Advanced Technical School, an affiliate of CTG, will recruit 500 migrant workers and train them on circuits, assembly and testing before sending them as qualified workers to Nokia.

The cooperation is believed to be a win-win approach for all parties involved. It not only solves the labor shortage for Nokia, but also greatly promotes the local economic development and increases the brand influence of CTG and ALATS. It also provides a precious chance for Chinese migrant workers to increase their competitiveness in the employment market.

After the training, according to local media reports, all the migrant workers will become "advanced blue collar workers", earning much higher wages than ordinary migrant workers.

China Talent Group's website states that the company is a leading human resource service provider in China.


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