According to a representative from Motorola China, Motorola has submitted related files for its business partition to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Motorola China is now actively preparing for its business partition in accordance with Motorola's worldwide deployment.

Prior to this information from local media, Motorola said that it planned to divide its existing businesses into mobile devices, home products, corporate mobile solutions, and networking businesses in the first quarter of 2011. These four sectors will belong to two independent listed units.

For the two units, the one operating mobile phone and set-top box business will become a new listed company; and the former listed company will include corporate and the wireless network equipment business. Motorola China will also follow this partition plan.

In addition, Frank Meng, Motorola's newly appointed global senior vice president and president for the mobile device unit of Greater China, will reportedly be responsible for the new mobile terminal company in Greater China.


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