Chinese social media websites are ablaze today with rumors, photos, and innuendo that at least one non-Chinese employee working for Apple was responsible for hitting customers waiting on line to buy the iPad 2 in Beijing.

Though the iPad was released in other countries a couple months ago, it only legally became available in China yesterday.

Sites like Sina's microblog website,, and other online sources are conveying pictures of bloodied, battered, and angry customers outside Apple's Sanlitun store in China's capital city. Apparently the lines were quite long outside the store, and either the store's glass door was broken before or after a foreigner working for Apple allegedly hit a waiting customer.

Both Sina's microblog and technology news sites reported that someone allegedly tried to cut in line, causing waiting customers to become irate. Security guards came to calm the customers, and then a foreign employee, who Sina said was named "John" and was over 1.9 meters in height held a metal rod that he allegedly used to hit at least one of the waiting customers. The commotion grew afterwards, and there are now reportedly four wounded people in the local Chaoyang hospital receiving treatment for injuries caused in the melee.

Apple has not issued a formal response to any of these allegations, but Chinese netizens are giving mixed reactions to the news. Some are saying Apple is at fault, while others question the sanity of the waiting crowds.


  1. Some one is trying to inflame the situation. Citing a foreigner brings memories of Times past. I would say the shysters in WS will use this to the hilt to bring down apple ops.

  2. Like it or Not, CHINA today is still colonized by Foreigners and Foreign Nations.

    50% of all factories in CHINA today are owned by Foreign corporations, and with that comes slave-like working conditions and no environmental controls leading polluted air, water and soil all over CHINA.

    For every iPhone made in China, Apple makes upto $400 USD in profits whereas the Chinese workers get $8 for an iPhone made in Shenzhen, China and $5 for an iPad made in Chengdu.

    CHINA is allowing her citizens to be exploited by Foreign corporations and allowing the country to be among the most polluted in the world.


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