– [The most exciting of the Olympics]”Gold Medal Match” is losing! Dai Ziying “winning the silver medal” still writes a new history in Taiwan’s badminton women’s singles! @???? Zhongtian News – Compassionately! Thai badminton player Ethanon PO takes a group photo, wishing Xiaodai “will win” Yahoo News – Dai Ziying’s day after the public badminton ball, Xiao Dai also has a cute side facing the camera! | Badminton | This is Young! PTS Taiwan – Dai Ziying IG shared the team cheering screen of “Nanny’s Essence of Chicken” and once praised her as “the secret to replenish physical strength”! FTVn – Dai Ziying is very satisfied with Xindu’s gold medal game in the second straight shot-Minshi News Formosa TV News network – Go to Google News to view the full report .