Huawei is looking to become a top-three cloud service provider in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming three years, or even better than the current provider in the next half-decade, says a recent report. This Chinese tech firm aiming to compete against Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Group Holding. These are the top three IaaS (infrastructure as a service) cloud services providers in the past year. However, Huawei too dominating the Chinese cloud market in the second position after Alibaba and has more efforts to jump to the top. The US-Sanction has forced Huawei to make business adjustments. Since then the company has been seeking other markets and cloud service is most suitable with its digital resources and on-demand service. Huawei’s Market Status and Resources: According to Gartner , Huawei recorded the sixth-fastest growth rate globally in the cloud market with a 19.7% market share. However, it’s still far to defeat the market ruling Alibaba, which owns the 39.8% share in China. Nobody concludes anything even before trying it Likewise, Huawei has approximately 220 puls cloud services, 210 solutions, 19,000 parters, and over 4,000 cloud applications to enter the competition. Why Huawei aiming to Asia Pacific Region: An IDC report reveals that the Huawei cloud service market is meant to reach over 48.4 billion USD this year, showing a significant rise compared with 36.4 billion USD in 2020. Furthermore, greatly affected by the US-Sanction, the company wants to invest in the market, which is free of the US-Sanction impact. That’s why Huawei is shifting strategy and developing new software for the cloud service market said Jay Chan, vice-president of Huawei’s Asia-Pacific operations. Moreover, the company has announced a US$100 million startup support plan for the Asia Pacific region. It aims to support 1,000 startups under Huawei cloud-plus-cloud program for the next three years.