This robot dog with autonomous navigation and based on an intelligent algorithm, is capable of moving in catastrophic environments and also in extreme rain. Robot dogs are in fashion, not only because Xiaomi has announced the Cyberdog, but also because many companies have opted for these robot models not only capable of running long distances, but also of overcoming different reliefs and even climbing stairs. But until now many of these robot dogs were not waterproof, they could not work well in the rain, they slipped or they broke down. So it is very interesting that the Chinese technology company, DEEP Robotics, which has already launched as many smart quadruped robots, has unveiled a new robot dog named Jueying X20 showing excellent protection performance in wet and muddy environments. They comment that it is the first intelligent robot dog with industrial grade waterproofing, and that will provide a more complete solution for industrial inspection scenarios in areas of climate change. It is a very complete robot because it not only withstands these rainy environments well, it also features high load capacity and scalability, with what is prepared for a great set of scenarios, together with its great computing power and precision. This waterproof robot dog can function without problem in outdoor environments, even on rainy days and in catastrophic times, while preventing dust from entering its system thanks to its certification IP66. Measure 100 cm long, 46 cm wide, 60 cm high and weighs 50 kilos, and is able to travel to top speeds of 12 km / h. It is capable of operating for more than two hours with a load on it, even up to four hours without carrying any type of load. However, it is a strong robot, with a maximum load capacity of 40 kilos. According to its creators, it is capable of crossing obstacles up to 18 cm high, going up and down stairs and up to 30 ° slopes, allowing it to adapt to various complex environments. As if that were not enough, it includes a depth detection camera and a laser radar together with an intelligent algorithm, capable of avoiding any type of obstacle and recognizing the work of the human beings that accompany it to avoid collisions.