2 cases of deceit – CNN Report the #MeToo trend in China after the female victims in 2 famous cases dared to launch to prosecute the powerful and famous man, both caseshero”Chris woo” or “woo Yi Fan” former band member EXO He was formally arrested on Aug. 16 and a branch manager at e-commerce giant Alibaba was fired following a sex scandal. for the Chris case woo age hero 30 year Chinese nationality–Canada was arrested by the police for questioning in Beijing since 31 NS.NS. Being accused of sexual harassment shook up the Chinese entertainment industry and sparked a hashtag. #Metoo The news of Wu’s arrest came to the attention of Chinese people and topped the list of hot topics in Weibo on Monday evening, Aug. 16. Most of them support police operations and hashtags. #MeToo There are more people in Weibo. 1,600 million times on Tuesday morning, Aug. 17 online media issues The allegations that Wu deceived women became notorious in the app. “Weibo” Chinese social media last month by “cupboard Mei Zhu” Chinese net idols accuse Wu of sexual harassment as she drinks at the star’s home, who tricked him into attending an audition. cupboard is a communications science student Chinese University in Beijing said at the time of the incident she is old 17 year in addition Du also revealed that there were still several young women who had fallen victim to Wu. including youth 2 people butWu’s representative did not reply to CNN reporters. A statement from the Chaoyang District Prosecutor’s Office in Beijing said Wu was formally arrested for being accused of rape. But did not disclose details of the allegations. before being caught Wu denies the allegations over personal Weibo account names. Meanwhile, the celebrity’s company will sue those who accused Wu and liken the accusation to “slander gossip” Wu was born in southern China. but get Canadian citizenship Started into the entertainment industry and became famous for being a member of the band. EXO and separated as a solo singer After leaving the band last year 2557 and acted in many movies including Being a presenter for famous brands at Berries resulted in a brand. One of China’s famous ambassadors But after the scandal famous brands Who hired Wu as a presenter, they withdrew. both louis vuitton Bulgari and Chinese cosmetics brands Opportunity The morning star instantly turned into a falling star. After being arrested and closed, the Weibo account with more followers. 51 million including various songs Wu’s has also been removed from music sites. not only epochtimes.com It was reported that Wu Yifan’s case escalated to other celebrities. In an industry that used to try to protect Wu as well, especially Chen Long, the famous Hollywood superstar, was posted on Weibo by celebrity media Song Sude. Blame and list 14 names of people in the entertainment industry, along with Feng Xiaogang, a senior director that deserves to be punished. with a ban from the industry for at least 10 years Song Zhude also pointed out that People in the entertainment industry mislead the Chinese people. It is a luxury industry, easy to make money. Celebrities earn an average of 50-500 million yuan, or about 250-2,500 million baht, which is equivalent to the salary of 100 scientists 20-50 years together, allowing young people to practice acting in order to enter the industry and squander their father’s money. mother without studying anything They also haven’t achieved anything. After such a trend, Chen Long and Feng Xiaogang both canceled big events in the movie industry. #MeToo with 2 fraud cases In addition to the trend of hashtags #Metoo in China in the past few weeks. “Alibaba” The Chinese e-commerce giant announced on Monday Aug. 9 that it had fired a manager-level employee for allegedly sexually harassing another employee during a business trip. both victims 2 in this case Revealed to netizens through Chinese social media leading to the arrest of the offender and the police to investigate further The staff’s quick action has been viewed by some netizens and reflects that both 2 The case enters the rule of law and the criminal justice system in China. also This made some Chinese see how difficult it is for the victims to open their mouths and demand justice. Feng’s side yuan Feminist academics and activists say it’s no surprise that people are interested in both. 2 case because of Chris woo and Alibaba are both famous. and noted that other sexual harassment cases will be as loud 2 Is this the case? If it wasn’t for a celebrity or not with influence. This is because victims of sexual harassment cases in China are often condemned and opposed to both the official and the general public. trending hashtags #MeToo viral worldwide last year 2561 including China, where women are more daring to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment But the trend in China quickly faded because the government forbade it to move on social media. including hashtag sensor #MeToo and other posts related Activists say the latest cases show the government has been reluctant to speak up about sexual misconduct, citing systemic issues. Instead of reporting each case and putting the blame elsewhere. obvious example is The government surveillance agency said the Chris case woo It is guilty of hacking and the fast-growing entertainment industry. light at the end of the tunnel newspaper editorial the global Times A government-owned scandal said the scandal reflected the need for greater legal and moral oversight in the tech world. while companies Investments need to be adjusted more in line with social values. As for activists, things are still too little. is Lack of support for survivors of gender-related violence and gender inequality of society while Lu Ping A Chinese feminist, who lives in New York City, said part of the reason the government was so distrustful of the calls from residents was that it might need to promote social order and encourage more movement. Feng said that the victims of the Chris case woo and alibaba can not Add a hashtag #MeToo Because it is easy to be censored on social media. But for some activists it is enough to see light at the end of the tunnel from both 2 This is the case because even the government does not want to talk about sexual misconduct. But the public is widely discussed. Feng said that no matter what the demand for the hashtag is, #MeToo or not Or even the social media accounts of feminists have been censored. But the victim always finds a way to speak up. Read related news : Alibaba cuts down on the rape of employees.The girl sniffed and took advantage of the opportunity when she was drunk. Wu Yifan’s case ignites China purges Lost celebrity culture does not open the eyes.