In early 2024, chip production is set to begin at TSMC’s Arizona factory, which will be the leading chip manufacturer’s first new venture outside of Taiwan in many years. According to recent reports, while the factory will be located in the United States, at least part of it will be built in Taiwan to reduce installation costs and ensure a smooth scale-up. TSMC is expected to use 4,000 to 5,000 containers to ship parts of the factory from Taiwan to the United States and spend about $ 110 million on transportation. It is reported that Taiwanese designer Han Tang, as well as shipping companies Evergreen Marine and Wan Hai, will participate in the project. It is not entirely clear what exactly TSMC plans to build in Taiwan before shipping to the United States, the company itself has not yet commented on this issue. Modern factories use hundreds of different pieces of equipment, which are manufactured all over the world and then installed and configured locally. The company ASML, which makes lithographic scanners, installs its equipment itself, so it is unlikely that TSMC will set them up in Taiwan and then send them to the United States. A number of systems from other companies will also be shipped directly to Arizona. Meanwhile, TSMC uses a range of instruments that are manufactured in Taiwan. It would be easier for a company to set them up at home and then ship them to America. TSMC has been building advanced factories in Taiwan for many years. In addition, the company tends to produce chips using a specific process technology in one plant. It will not be easy for TSMC to build a 5nm chip factory in the US and maintain the same performance as its factories in Taiwan. Perhaps this is why the company wants to at least partially prepare the factory equipment at home, and then send it to the United States by cargo ships. Another reason may be that Taiwanese companies already have positive experience in designing and building factories for TSMC. If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.