The separation of the China Suárez and Benjamin Vicuña added a new chapter. Marianela appeared, the girl with whom he would have been unfaithful in a hotel in Córdoba and his words left more doubts than certainties. He sent a message to Ángel De Brito in which he tried to detach himself from the scandal and then replied to it on his Instagram account, where he received several comments from the actress’s fans.

“Regarding the topic recently raised by people outside my environment: from my mouth and consciously, words that may have a destructive purpose will not come out. I am not in favor of gossip or rumors, I find it a very low vibration form of communication. I believe, support, experience and share other forms of communication that generate love, compassion, peace, joy, empathy … Therefore, my actions and my speech will always be directed towards that type of vibration. I wish light to this whole situation. Transmutation, forgiveness and cure, ”he wrote.

The driver of The angels of the morning exclaimed that his comment It implies that he actually had something with the Chilean heartthrob, because otherwise I would flatly deny it.

Marianela, the girl with whom Vicuña would have deceived China. (Photo: instagram / alma.libertad_).

Minutes after her posting, the messages from the fans of the former Almost Angels arrived, who accused her of being a liar. “And what is the purpose of your words then? Pigeon of Ivana Nadal. Stop fucking around. A lot of Osho but they go through life ruining people ”, a user told him, referring to the resemblance he would have with the model.

So far, China did not speak of the alleged deception but did confirm that there were no third parties in disagreement, since it had been linked to the musician Wos. Everything indicates that reconciliation is not close at all. He takes refuge in his apartment in Palermo while she is very focused on the remodeling of the house they bought together in Manzanares. She was also seen hanging out with friends and fulfilling various work commitments.