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Jack Posobiec Flag of United States @JackPosobiec ·3h

Shocking Biden is cutting India and Japan out of the new intel-sharing agreement on China

Hearing leaders in the rejected countries are furious

12:10PM • Sept 15, 2021

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Meant to say bought off by China.

Why would their be an intel sharing agreement with China…at all?

Let alone one cutting out India and Japan.

Our allies can no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear or respect us.

Austrailia is fast tracking new nuclear powered attack subs…..big news. South Korea has a new SSB (conventional powered ballistic missile submarine)

Joe Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP…

Biden will only share sensitive information with his trusted allies, China, Russia, Iran, and the Taliban.

The Norks probably can’t be trusted after working with President Trump.

I think it is intel about China, not with China.

Intel on China.