Margiris Abukevicius, Deputy Minister of Defense in Lithuania, recently presented the results of a study carried out by the national cybersecurity center, which recommends that Lithuanians, and more broadly to Europeans, no longer buy Chinese smartphones, or even to quickly change device. In question, the presence of an application capable of identifying and censoring more than 449 terms banned by the Chinese authorities, among which ” Free Tibet “,” Long live Taiwan independence ” Where ” democratic movement », As specified Reuters. The tool would be able to act on the various applications of the owner’s store, including the browser, and to collect users’ personal data. For Europe, this program is supposed to be initially deactivated, however the authorities indicate that it can be restarted at any time, and remotely. In addition, an important security vulnerability has been detected in the Huawei P40 5G. The manufacturer, however, assured that the data was not transferred, when Xiaomi for its part denied any censorship. No flaw would have been spotted on the side of OnePlus smartphones.