[Technology] China bans Quran app, LinkedIn and Yahoo news as major crackdowns on foreign content Beijing, October 22: China has banned the Quran app, LinkedIn, and Yahoo News nationwide in a massive crackdown on foreign content. A popular app for reading Islamic texts, the Koran Majid is the latest app banned in China at the request of the Chinese government. This is after China has banned hosting US-based social media platforms.according to [Report](//www.newsx.com/world/china-bans-quran-apps-linkedin-and-yahoo-news-where-is-the-outrage-on-censorship-now.html) , This move is brought about as part of a larger shift in the country to stop foreign content. Last week, at the request of Chinese authorities, Apple removed one of the most popular Quran apps in the world in China.according to [Report](//www.bbc.com/news/technology-58921230) By the BBC, Apple has removed the Quran Majid, a popular app for reading Islamic religious texts and other prayer-related information, from China. It should be noted that China is one of Apple’s largest markets and its supply chain is heavily dependent on China’s manufacturing industry. [China bans the use of mobile phones in the classroom](//www.latestly.com/world/china-bans-mobile-phone-use-in-classrooms-2297276.html) .. Apart from the Koran Majid, the Olive Tree Bible app was also withdrawn in China this week. Olive Tree claims that Apple has actively removed it. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has announced that it will remove the Chinese version of its site by the end of this year in the face of rising state compliance requirements. Microsoft had previously announced that its localized version of LinkedIn in China would be shut down. This happens after seven years of continuous operation in China. [China bans BBC World News broadcast on mainland Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, COVID-19 report](//www.latestly.com/agency-news/world-news-china-bars-broadcasting-of-bbc-world-news-on-mainland-over-xinjiang-covid-19-reporting-2316779.html) .. Some professors and journalists claimed that LinkedIn’s profile was blocked in China, making their accounts inaccessible. In addition, Yahoo News has also withdrawn from Apple’s App Store in China, making it impossible for residents to access foreign news. (The story above was first published on LatestLY at 9:24 pm IST on October 22, 2021. For news and updates on politics, the world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, please visit our website. Please log on to. [latestly.com](//www.latestly.com/) ). https://www.latestly.com/world/china-bans-quran-apps-linkedin-and-yahoo-news-as-major-crack-down-on-foreign-content-2978349.html China bans Quran app, LinkedIn and Yahoo news as major crackdowns on foreign content