With the launch of Windows 11, Office 2021 has also been officially launched on Microsoft’s official website recently. There are three versions of the electronic download version available on the official website, namely the home version, the home and SME version and the professional version. The price is HK$1,199, HK$1,999 and HK$3,399. Compared to the subscription system of Office 365, which can be used on up to 6 devices, the Office 2021 launched this time can only be activated on one device (PC or Mac).

The home version provides the 2021 version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint home licenses. The home and SME versions also add Outlook and provide home and business licenses, while the professional version has additional home and business licenses for Publisher and Access. In addition, the “buy-out version” of Office 2021 does not provide automatic feature updates like Office 365, and does not come with web and mobile Office programs. The Microsoft official website specifically mentions that Office 2021 Professional Edition is only applicable to 1 PC. In other words, the Professional Edition does not correspond to Mac computers (other versions support Mac/Windows platforms at the same time).

Office 2021 has an appearance design that matches the design theme of Windows 11, with more natural interface colors, more rounded window corners, and so on. Like Windows 11, Office 2021 also has a Dark Mode, which can be switched automatically following the settings of Windows 11. Functionally, the “Buyout Edition” also adds features specific to Microsoft 365, such as real-time collaboration, PowerPoint video recording, etc. More new features of Office 2021 have been unveiled on the official Microsoft website.

Source: Microsoft

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